With Easybizy

Easy to use

Since learning is touch, we have created an interface that is so adaptable, for both touch & normal screens from the ground up.
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Easy to grow

Since promoting your business with easybizy is so simple, you’ll be exposed to so many potential customers.
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Everything you need

Easybizy is a one stop shop for everything your business needs. Business promoter? CRM? a Calendar? POS? it got them all.
And they work great together.

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"Along with a super simple day to day set of solutions, Easybizy lets you accurately and easily analyze your business."

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Uzi, Happy Hour

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""Thanks to Easybizy, my business can is always available for me and for my assistant in every place on every device, making managing it that much simpler."

Karina Adika, Cosmetic Expert

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Small to medium business?

easybizy is customer centered. Any business with major returning customers base will benefit many ways from it. From beauty/bride salon, flowers or wine shops, health clinics, clothing and even small boutique food shops.

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