Smart POS - Let your sales grow!

A Point of Sale is not just a register anymore. Along with a great user experience, Easybizy provide enterprise level tools to leverage your sales: memberships, punch cards, digital gift cards and composed product and services. You can both print or send your invoices. Anyhow, we use the gathered data to promote your business!

Great user experience

Paying is a stressing stage in the sale cycle. Easybizy lets you handle it quickly and efficiently by providing you with a simple yet beautiful interface on every device, suggesting suitable items and matching the customers's purchasing history. 

Data collection

Your business strive information and knowledge for growing. Every piece of information that is gained in the cash register is even more important since it combines a direct customer intent. Who was the customer? What type of service? Which employee? How did he pay? Part of a membership? Part of a subscription? On Easybizy, every customer that visited your business is going registered. Later we let you use this information to analyze and promote your business. 

Punch cards

Punch cards let you sell a set of services and get paid for them in advance. Beside saving you the headache of managing these, it also makes the customer committed and engaged with your business and therefore strengthening the relationship between you and the customer. 


Making your customers feel part of your business is a key role of them coming back. Easybizy lets you create your own membership plans, having custom made discounts. Easybizy will also enable your customers gain 'points' on every purchase they made and later on use it to get some extra stuff in your business. 

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