Powerful yet simple CRM

Customers are what it's all about. When of our first and foremost targets was, and still is, strengthening the relationship between you and your customers. A quick look on the customer page will show you everything you need; And much more!

Facebook integration

Business owners have already realized social networks are the hearsay of this days. In order to make  the process of adding customers easy and productive, we developed an unique way of doing it by taking your customer details from Facebook, this way you'll have extra details like their picture, birthday and email address. in addition, the customers will get to your Facebook page and let's see if they will click like when they are right next to you😊. 

Clean and clear timeline

As time passes by, the system accumulates more and more data on every customer. Every piece of this information might be valuable at a given point. The challenge is to find at which point, what type of data is important for you. Easybizy lets you filter, sort and aggregate every piece of information relates to a specific customer using an elegant timeline. 

One place

An important advantage of our holistic solution is the connection between the different components. Because of that, we can tell give you every type of engagement made with your customer. When and what type of meetings he scheduled (and cancelled...)? what type of promotions did we send him? weather these promotions resulted visits, what type of specific ingredients his services used? These are just a few examples.  

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