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Business promoter, CRM, Calendar & Point of Sale

It's all about your Clients

Add new Clients via SMS

One of the most challenging things building your clients DB, is manually inserting all the details of each client. With easybizy, you don't have. We have patented a way to get the client's details by sending him a single message. You don't have to type anything! 

Manage Client Database

You can easily add/remove and search a client. Found your client? Engaging him with different media types is only one click away. Got any client groups? Great! Managing groups has never been easier! 

View Details & Activites

Every aspect of your clients is being captured and monitored. All meetings, visits, promotions, invoices and others are captured and analyzed.  

Promote your business via Facebook, email, SMS

Because we include it all, we can cleverly target different customers at different states. We’ll tell you who is about to leave you, and who is your best! and many more… Reaching them is only 4 clicks away. We have counted them! Engage via Facebook, email, SMS and we have just started!

Business oriented Calendar to suit your needs

Scheduling services is hard. Easybizy helps you scheduling exactly sufficient time for each service. Have some employees working for you? No problem! you can manage each employee's schedule or all of them combined.

Handle inventory, payments & invoincing with our Point of sale

Selling products & services, managing inventory and compose invoices has never been easier! Moreover, you can also customize many behaviors such as including ingredients for services, sharing categories and many more. Invoices can be printed in a standard POS printer, full size printing or sent encrypted by mail. Easybizy is approved by Israel's IRS.

Manage your Employees’ hours & performence

Employees can easily check in/out and monitor their hours. You can also export a full performance report to include sold product/services, discount levels and many more. Your employees' weekly/monthly hours is a single click away.

Connect your clients using our App

To promote your business we use different media types to provide quality and personal content. Using the app can help you embed these content types to conclude great posts and templates.

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